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Spring 2022 Masthead

The Editors in Chief

Co-Editor in Chief: Claire Rider
Co-Editor in Chief: Aaron Hill

Senior Writing Editors

Senior United States Editor: Dario McCarty
Senior World Editor: Adena Ajike
Senior World Editor: Annapurna Johnson
Senior Opinion Editor: Charlynn Teter
Senior Opinion Editor: Juliette Lovell
Senior Online Editor: Nikolai Schweber

External Section Management

Technology Director: James Weichert
Business Manager: Michelle Son
Deputy Business Manager: Celine Pham

Deputy Writing Editors

Deputy California Editor: Amanda Khodabash
Deputy California Editor: Maya Cook
Deputy United States Editor: Sanjana Manjeshwar
Deputy United States Editor: Ariana Kretz
Deputy Opinion Editor: Ryan Liu
Deputy Online Editor: Jordan Murphy
Deputy Online Editor: Patty Yao