Anastasia Pyrinis
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Anastasia Pyrinis is a writer for the U.S. Section of the BPR, studying Political Science and Economics with a minor in Public Policy. When she is not reading about the latest political news or writing about it, Anastasia enjoys debating international and domestic issues, especially competitively as part of Model United Nations. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and watching classical movies, particularly film noirs.

How to Steal a Nomination

Donna Brazile. That is the name of the woman that is reopening old wounds that the Democratic Party so desperately wants to close. In excerpts from her new book titled Hacks, the former interim chair …

Power Plays

A Tug of War Between the President and the Intelligence Community On January 21, 2017, addressing several hundred key CIA officials, Donald Trump stood before the CIA Memorial Wall and announced, “the…