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Apply to BPR!

The application window for Fall 2022 closed on September 11th, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Thank you to those who have applied, and check back in next semester for our Spring 2023 application!

Join the staff of UC Berkeley’s only non-partisan political publication as we celebrate a 20-year legacy of quality, diverse journalism. We are a team of over 75 members with open positions for writers on all political topics, ranging from local to global news, as well as individuals specializing in graphic design, business, and technology.

The Berkeley Political Review is divided into Writing and External sections. Our Writing sections include California, United States, World, Opinion, and Online sections. The External section is comprised of our Business, Design, and Technology teams. You may apply to any combination of the below sections, though admission will be limited to one. The Review does not accept applications for editorial positions.

Contact the Editors in Chief with any questions or concerns: