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You Hate Ben Shapiro? Then Debate Him.
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  1. Ayush says:

    Ok I know this old, but the amount of misinformation in here is kinda funny.

    “he absurdity of this statement is utterly unwarranted, almost as if by fiat. There are no reputable modern studies which have dared to assert such an irresponsible and baseless declaration. Why? Because the evidence argues to a different conclusion entirely, namely that genetics, hormonal interplays, and early childhood experiences all exert significant influence in the development of the transgender identity.”

    This is simply wrong, there are many studies proving the opposite. There are many studies claiming both sides of the argument. The DSM-4 called transgenderism a mental- disorder. They changed it in the new revision because of PC. It’s well known that the older DSM-4 is more accurate.

    On to abortion, you make a ridiculous argument. You completely sidestep the argument by saying how messy conception is. I noticed how you didn’t actually rebut the point, you just called it messy. If conception isn’t the line, where is it. Ask any embryologist, they will agree with Ben. Abortion is a moral drought. There is not arguing that it is not a human being.

    Take ur own advice. Go and debate the dude. You will not beat him on any of the issues above.

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