Housingcare: How to Solve California’s Affordable Housing Crisis

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  1. A well thought-out post. Ultimately, the only solution is to create more supply of housing units. Aside from adding many more smaller units into the mix, cities and near-ring suburbs used to see 2, 3 and 4-family houses as a significant component of their housing stock, but construction in the last few decades has largely been high-end or luxury homes, rehabilitation of older stock to luxury-level homes and high-density condominium projects that can be difficult to place.

    Land use and zoning laws need to change, transportation networks need to change (and be added to and improved) in order to create new communities that are desirable to live in and within reasonable commute of employment opportunities. Incentives to major employers to headquarter (or relocate) to secondary metro areas may be a consideration, moving them away from high population density areas in favor of less dense and more developable regions.

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