When the Music Turns Off, Matisyahu’s Actions Begin

Matisyahu with Shimon Peres
Photo Courtesy Times of Israel
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  1. Richard says:

    Israel does not “occupy” Palestine. There is a Palestinian Authority, and the land that Israel GAVE to the PA (Gaza and the West Bank, land that is completely Jew-free, as any Jew who enters is summarily murdered with the support of the PA).

    1. Steve Bunbajee Hodder Watt says:

      That’s BS bro! Statements like that totally disregard the continued occupation of Palestinian peoples. Matisyahu eloquantly vocalises words of peace but the bias is too obvious. How can the oppressed so apathetically continue their own oppression. One Day…indeed.✌?

    2. Roth says:


      you’re quite the ignorant d1ck, richard…

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