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India, South Asia, and Hindutva: What’s Going On With California Textbooks?

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  1. Ryan says:

    If you think Islamic terrorism is a new phenomenon, think again. Islam owes its success to terrorism. Since the day Muhammad set foot in Medina, he started his campaign of terror. His followers have been doing the same ever since.
    More than 80 million people were massacred by the sword of Islam in India alone and another 500 million Hindus converted by the sword of death all over Asia from Iran, Afghanistan to Phillipines and Indonesia. Millions were killed in Persia, Egypt, and in all other countries that were attacked by Muslims, both during their conquests and in the centuries that followed. These bloodsheds continue to this day.
    Some estimates put the number of people massacred by Islamic mujahedeen throughout these fourteen centuries at 280 million.

    1. MJA says:

      I agree with what you said of Islam except the numbers. It was a highly militant religion from its start. But what Hindu groups in America are doing in this case are not of a scholarly but of a religious-political nature.

    2. James Ascroft says:

      What has Islam got to do with whitewashing South Asian history to appease Hindu fundamentalists in California?

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