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The Legality of Obama’s Executive Orders  (And Why You Should Care)

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  1. If you were to go back add up all Executive Orders written by both Democratic and Republican Presidents and remove the ones that were written during war times, the totals are pretty even. My point is, no political party has taken advatage.

  2. Claudia Larson says:

    Every time the DREAM Act was brought up for a vote, it failed to pass both chambers of Congress to become law.

    They would have to change the law first; This law –
    The Law (INA § 235(b)(1)(B)(iii)): “The removal of an alien who is inadmissible because the individual does not possess valid entry documents or is inadmissible for fraud or misrepresentation of material fact. The alien may be removed without a hearing before an immigration court.” pg 2, Box 1, right side.

    THIS LAW will never be changed.

    It is the Jurisdiction of the Congress to make law. It is the Presidents responsibility to follow that law not make an EO AGAINST the Law!

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