Illustration by Sean Maccabe

Swinging Red for Rand Paul

“Is government inherently stupid?” the Republican Senator asked the young Californian crowd; attempting to joke. Although, perhaps the real humor would lie in the odd circumstance of a right-winger’s hopeless attempt to court a distant, difficult, and deeply … Read Full Article

Ms. Rousseff and Mr. Neves campaigned against each other during the Brazilian elections.

The Tale of Two Brazils

On October 26th, 2014, incumbent Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff won the second round of presidential elections in Brazil over her challenger, Aécio Neves, though only by a close margin with 51.64% of the vote. President Rousseff now enters her second term … Read Full Article

Server Room

Surfing the Darknet

Surfing the Darknet is part 1 of a series on U.S. cybersecurity. Overshadowed in the past months by bombings in Syria and Iraq as well as Ebola in Texas was news of earth-shattering significance for the way we communicate around the globe.  The … Read Full Article