While Labour and the Conservatives fight over who will win the most seats, the SNP and other small parties will still have their fair share of power in a coalition.

Too Close to Call: The 2015 UK Election

The UK general election will be held on May 7, and the race is on between the ruling Conservative Party led by Prime Minister David Cameron, and the opposition Labour Party led by Ed Miliband. The latest polls show the two parties virtually tied, meaning it is … Read Full Article


Northwest Passage

With the relentless pace at which global climate change has marched forward, the northern bastions of ice have been reduced to mere skeletons, the ice melt rapidly accelerating since the 1970s.These extensive topological shifts in the Arctic have fueled a … Read Full Article


A Beefed Up Industry

Petaluma, California once boasted the title of Egg Capital of the World, and every spring the residents flock into downtown to celebrate the main event of the year: the Butter and Eggs parade. While I do appreciate tractor processions and cow-pie tossing … Read Full Article