Popping the Berkeley Bubble

“So...why’d you pick Berkeley?” my new friend asks, looking at me over the rims of his glasses. It’s a frequently asked question during Welcome Week, the favorite of awkward strangers-turned-conversationists in the dorms. Walking down Telegraph Avenue, I think … Read Full Article

Asian-Americans at UC Davis unite in solidarity to protest the events in Ferguson, MO.

Backseat Solidarity

…we cannot have a race-blind approach to the questions: which lives matter? Or, which lives are worth valuing? If we jump too quickly to the universal formulation, “all lives matter”, then we miss the fact that black people have not yet been included in the … Read Full Article

Photographer: Graham Crouch/Bloomberg

An Indian Inquisition

The chaotic days of India’s partition still leave their mark on the country’s conscience today. In 1947, India and Pakistan found themselves tangled in religious bloodshed, and although this was almost seventy years ago, bitterness between members of various … Read Full Article